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We are very excited to see that as of today we have 2900 perches reserved.  With only 25 days left until we start accepting birds our new team is very busy preparing the new loft as well as the 12 x 48 quarantine loft.  We hope to provide a stress free transition for your pigeons when they arrive.

Upon arrival all birds will be allowed to eat and drink before they are given:
Chip Ring
ID Band Cover
Vaccinated for PMV
Treated for Canker using Canker Max provided by Vita King
On day 3 they will be vaccinated for Paratyphoid
All birds will be quarantined for 7 days
4 weeks after arrival all birds are vaccinated a 2nd time for PMV

We will also be using the veterinarian services of Dr. Kevin Zollars for monthly analysis of droppings and be posting results.  I am sure I drive Dr. Zollars crazy with all my questions.

Remember there will be 150 paid positions on the final race.  This is the race that pays!  With over One Million Dollars Guaranteed this will be the biggest race in history!  Be a part of History and Sign up today!  Fly against the best and show the world what your birds can do!

The Hoosier Classic will be in Las Vegas this upcoming week for the annual iPigeon Gala.  Its always great to see everyone!  Hope to see you there.

As a reminder if you have birds in the "Old Bird Series" please get the perch fees in for those if you haven't already.  They are $150 per bird and can be mailed to the address below.  

Have a Great Week,


Mail Payments to:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN 46390


Very exciting to see that we have over 2600 perches reserved!  With over $1,000,000.00 Guaranteed in prizes this is the race to enter.  Don't be left out of the Biggest Race Payout in North America!  This is the Race That Pays!!
Please check out our old bird inventory.  It currently shows 259 entries with 1 bird showing a bad chip ring.  If you entered the old bird series please make sure your birds show up on the list and we didn't miss anyone.  We will post another list of about 40 yearlings for sale if anyone wishes to enter them into the old bird series.  Perch fees are now due for those who haven't paid them yet.  Please get them in as soon as possible. 

We had a visit from Richard & Ryan Zonnekeyn of Feathers Elite Quarantine Services on Saturday.  Feathers Elite is the import service that the Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race will be suing to bring in European entires.  Thank you fellas for stopping in and checking out the new loft.  Below are some pictures of the new loft.  These photos will give you a look inside our new building and the aviaries. 

Enjoy a look into the new loft and have a great week,



(Photos only available for viewing if you are signed up on our emailing list)


We hope everyone had a great Christmas and we wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!
 2018 will be a very exciting year for the Hoosier Classic International Race now in our 6th Season.  We have raised the bar again by Guaranteeing over $1,000,000.00 in Prizes.  Yes....Guaranteed!!  Check out our website at to view our rules and exciting payouts for 2018.  We will pay out all the way to 150th place on the final race!

When considering a race, consider one with a proven track record.  Check out The Loft Reports statistics on one loft races.  Statistics don't lie!!  Our Record Measures Up!

One loft racing is one of the greatest ways to prove your breeding program.  Look at the list of champion breeders who have already signed up.  Test your champions against the best and win the best prizes in North America!  Sign up today to reserve your perches and your chance to win $250,000 for 1st Place.  

Hoosier Classic is Happy to share the news of our new agents for Mexico:
Javier Castaneda 
Phone: 1-333-954-6850 
Raul Castaneda
Phone: 1-331-862-3791
Raul & Javier will make arrangements for all fanciers in Mexico who wish to enter the Hoosier Classic International. 

For Canadian Fanciers you can contact:
Ryan Zonnekeyn (Feathers Elite)
Phone: 1-416-990-0187

Thank you to all our agents working on behalf of the Hoosier Classic.

Again...Happy New Year Everyone!  2018 is going to be exciting for all involved!



We now have over 1700 perches reserved as of today for the 2018 Series, with just over 400 reserved this past week.  Please take time to review our rules page and prize payout for 2018.  We hope you consider flying a Proven One Loft Race with the Hoosier Classic.  Feel free to call us with any questions.
As far as signing up for the race most are able to navigate through the website and wincompanion.  For those who may encounter an issue with signing up please call us and we can complete the sign up for you. 

Remember this is a race that pays out a Guaranteed $1,000,000.  150 Prize Positions on the final race.  One loft racing is a level playing field for all entries.  You will be competing against the Best Breeders in the World!
*Live Clocking on all trainers/races
*Weekly Updates
*Video Updates
* Monthly veterinarian testing
*Live GPS Tracking on all Races
*Top Quality Products Formulated for pigeons including: Vita King Products, Ropa B
*Most Importantly a FULL TIME STAFF  - 7 days a week to care for your champions.

Have a Great week,



We are already at 1500 perches reserved for the 2018 Series.  We would like to thank everyone for their support in helping the race grow. 
for 2018 the Hoosier Classic Race will be ran as a business and will GUARANTEE ALL THE PRIZE MONEY that is being advertised, which is over One Million Dollars.  After all prizes are paid out in full, the balance of money will be used for expenses.
Hoosier Classic will be run just like the South Africa Million Dollar Race, Golden Algarve Portugal Race, Black Sea Romania Race, Belgium Master Race, As Golden Pigeon Race (Greece), & Derby Arona One Loft Race.
Animals to Fly, Frank Nebig is our agent in charge of all European agents and entries for the Hoosier Classic Race.  Jurie Erwee from South Africa is our agent for South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Nimibia. 
With the Hoosier Classic Loft being 280 ft long and 16 ft wide we have 7600 perches and will limit our bird count to 6000.  With much interest for our race world wide we will hold 4000 perches for the US Fanciers and 2000 perches for International entries.  After we reach 4000 entries we will start a waiting list.  We will know international entries around Mid-March, and then open if there is room for the fanciers on the waiting list.
Thank you to everyone promoting this exciting race.  Don't be left out- Sign -Up today!!  Remember with 6000 Entries 1st PLACE WILL BE $500,000.

Have a Good Week,



Remember to those who haven't received prize money as of yet it is most likely because we haven't received a W9 or we haven't heard what you wanted done with your birds.  Tuesday is the absolute last day of shipping birds back.  We have had a few lofts call this week asking to have birds sent back.  There have been several weeks to make these requests.  After Tuesday we are officially closing the books on birds going back.  Invoices will go out this week to those who owe perch fees for the old bird series.

We had a few calls about fanciers not finding the sign up tab on the website.  A call to Dan Milner has resolved that problem.  Now you can't miss the sign up tab on our homepage.  Thanks Dan for all of your help!  We are currently just over 1300 perches reserved for the 2018 series.  A great start and a long way to go.  The loft is coming along really well.  All of the dowel rods will be delivered tomorrow.  I say it every year...I'm not adding on anymore and its always the complete opposite. 

Take some time to check out the website, look at the Guaranteed Payouts and Sign Up for North America's Million Dollar Race!!  Don't forget to tell your friends to check it out too!

Have a great week everyone!



Just a reminder if you haven't decided to claim your birds or nominate them for the Old Bird Series now is the time to do so.  Monday will be our last shipment of birds to go home.  It's not to late to enter the 2018 Old Bird Series.  The series will consist of a 5 race series 100 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 Mile Races starting in May.

Our rules are now posted on our current website for the 2018 Million Dollar Race!  Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race Guarantees $1,000,000 payout.  Please take time to look at the rules and consider flying the Biggest Race & Payout in US History.  Now is the time to Sign-up!!
We are working everyday on the new loft as well with many people internationally to bring you an exciting 2018 Race Series.  We will update again Sunday evening with more details.

Call Kelly at 219-733-0011 to make arrangements for you birds to stay for the Old Bird Series or be sent home.

Take Care,



There are 2 groups of birds headed home to breeders.  The first group shipped out on Monday morning:
Elton Dinga,  Furia Loft,  Baldwin & Tilson,  John Georgeopoulos,  Andy & Tina Li,  Dan Sherri & The Garfiled Boys, Genesis Syndicate, Neil George, Tiwi Pigeons, Mark Mourton, Shiloft, Twin Loft, Roby Delgado Loft, Dave Ratliff, Carl McNelty, Bill Hatcher, Brad Santos,  Oscar Rodriguez, Jimmy Zheng, Igor Leontyuk, Ken Easley, MODUD, Chad Compton, Tim Byers, Jones Family Loft, Perez Bros, Book & Van Wingerden, Fernando Vasquez, Nanez Family Loft, APC Loft, Kolvenbag & Son, Furlano & Rotiroti, Wesley Freise, Steve Cappellini, Pan Family Loft, Ado Zohorovic, Fleet Washington, Steve Furlonge, & Nemelka Racing Loft.
The second group ships out Tuesday morning: Lebresco Rubino, Liqing Ni, Steven Loft, Jose Crisostomo, Greg Warren, John Fukumoto (shipped to Bob Roberson), Duane Gragg, Eastern Pearl Loft, Lucas Cramer, C L Gage (included Paul Daniel birds), Michael Hibbard, Steel City Loft, Morningside Racing Loft, BQE Loft, Marion Taloi, Kiko Arana, Cecil Romero, & Nhia Xiong.

Many of these same breeders/lofts have entered the Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series as well.  We have around 200 entered for our first old bird series.  We will begin training in April and races start the first weekend of May!  It is a 5 race series consisting of 100 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 miles!
Watch live on wincompanion week after week to see who really has the Best Old Bird Racers in the country! There will be optional entry fees available for prize money and trophies will be awarded to winning Ace Pigeons.  Any pigeons lost before the 100 mile race will be refunded $100 of the $150 perch fee.  Birds will be flown from our 2017 Hoosier Classic Loft (164 ft long) and sexes will be separated.  This is a true test of your family of racing pigeons.  Not only as young birds but now as old birds.  LET YOUR PIGEONS RACE AGAIN!!
We will be flying old birds and young birds from a new course from the South in 2018.
Email us if you would like your birds to stay and race again.

We will be sending out another group of birds next Monday and Tuesday.  This is a long process to ship back this many birds and find the ones that are staying for the old bird race.  The best way to communicate with us about leaving your birds here to race again or wanting them sent back in via Email.  We will also be working on prize payments going out by the end of the week.  If you won over $600 we will need a W9 which can be found at this link  We must have a paper copy or an email copy of this form.  Sending a picture of the form in a text or email does not work. 

We will be launching our New Updated Website very soon with all the 2018 Rules and Payouts!  Our 2017 season is over, however we feel as if we are just getting started!  A lot of work to do for next season!

Have a great week everyone,



Before we start sending back everyone's youngsters from the Hoosier Classic Race - Consider entering them into the Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series!  We will be training them starting in April with races starting in May.  5 Races consisting of  100 miles - 200 miles - 300 miles - 400 miles & a final of 500 miles.

Watch live on Wincompanion on the internet week after week to see who really has the best Old Bird Racers In The Country!

There will be optional entry fees available for prize money & trophies will be given out to winning pigeons and Ace pigeons.  Any pigeons lost before the 100 mile race will be refunded $100 of the $150 perch fee.

Birds will be flown from our 2017 Hoosier Loft (164 ft Long), sexes will be separated for the yearling competition.  This is a true test of your family of racing pigeons!  Not only as young birds but now as old birds!  Lets see who has the best young and old birds!

Let your Pigeons Race Again!! They are already here in the loft.

Please email us before we start sending birds back.  You can pick and choose which birds you want to stay and enter back into the series or send home. 
We will be flying from a Southern Course of Old Bird Racing Next Spring.  Be a part of it!!

Email us that you would like your birds to stay :

Any birds going home will begin to be shipped out next Monday.  This is a very long process and will take approximately 2 weeks to get everything shipped back.. Please be patient with us.





What A Race!!

The 2017 season of the Hoosier Classic OLR is over.  Congratulations to the breeders who had birds in the first drop consisting of 18 birds splitting $329,000!!!    Returns were very good today with 746 day birds out of 989 shipped.  We expect to see many more tomorrow.

My family and I would like to Thank Everyone who supported our race over the past 5 years.  We have worked very hard to grow this race and make it what it has become today. We had a nice crowd today and hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  We would also like to thank WM Imports and Verse Laga for donating the 1st Place Average Speed Trophy!  

Now is the time to think about flying the Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series!  Any bird that has flown the 2017 Series is eligible to stay and fly our 5 Race Series in the spring of 2018.  The old bird series will consist of 5 races 100-200-300-400-500.  Perch fees are $150 per bird and all birds will compete for trophies.  There will also be a $200 option to fly for $$ prizes.  Prizes will be paid out of the 300-400-500 mile races.  This series will be an ultimate test to your breeding program.  Cocks and hens will be kept separate.  Leave a bird or leave your whole team!  You will be able to enjoy our great sport at every level.  


Hoosier Classic will pay
$500,000 - 1st Place in 2018
6000 birds are entered into the race
Making the already Guaranteed Payout of
increased to 

Watch for all the exciting details in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you again everyone!! Looking forward to doing it all over again next year!  We have met many great breeders, acquired many new friends, all while enjoying a sport that I love!  

Take Care,

Jim & Family

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